The Advantages Of The Whizzinator


A whizzinator can be defined as the device that is represented by a replica of the human urinary system it comes with a fake genital organ either male or female. Most of the people like using the device for those that are about to undergo a drug test and the best thing is that it is designed to maintain a fake urine and the right temperature for about eight hours. The advantage is that if you are about to undergo a blood test especially the athletes this is very helpful. The highlight is that the device is user friendly as it comes with the parts that are easy to assemble the parts and it has a manual that the user can be able to read to know the ways   in which they can be able to use. It is very efficient as it comes with the synthetic urine as it can be able to smell and have the same PH levels and that of the real urine.  It has heating pads   and the urine will be as warm as the real one thus one can be able to pass the urine test smoothly. Moreover  it reduces the chances  of someone  being caught and  what we mean is that if you are probably undergoing a drug test it is  very helpful and  there  are minimal and zero chances of one being caught.

 The positive thing is that it has an ultra- quiet flow of urine thus if you have it on then someone is not able to know what is going on and you can remain discreet. In addition wherever it is fitted it does not swell up as it come with a waist band and leg fastenings that can be fitted to the inner thighs and it is able to go unnoticed.  The best thing about this device as it is easy to clean and there are no major procedures as some come with spout and it can be easily dismantled making it so simple to clean it up.  The highlight of the Whizzinator Touch is that there are no side effects as the manufacturers are able to consider that the product is safe to use and the  products are  not harmful in the body.

In the end of the discussion we have been able to highlight the advantages of the Female Whizzinator which we have seen to play major  roles.


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